TSI’s FZZR Technology Fizzing with Opportunities

In a dynamic dietary supplements market where non-pill formats are gaining traction, TSI’s FZZR technology emerges as a game-changer, offering the best of powders and effervescence seamlessly blended together. Recently showcased at Vitafoods Europe, the response has been overwhelmingly positive, not only from the UK and Europe but also from regions like Australia, the US, South America, and Southeast Asia.

As demand for non-pill delivery grows, FZZR technology and family of delivery forms leads the way in combining the most popular formats – gummies, powders, liquids, and effervescence. FZZR’s versatile family of products includes FZZR granules, FZZR melts, and FZZR mints, each infusing the fizz into formulations and providing diverse consumer experiences.

Nutrition that BUBBLES over!

The advantages of FZZR granules are striking, offering higher active and/or multiple actives loading, extended shelf life, enhanced taste, easier swallowing, and superior customer experiences. FZZR granules can accommodate beyond 2,000 mg per serving, compared to the limited capacity of traditional tablets or capsules, making it a convenient and efficient alternative.

Notably, FZZR granules allow for multi-function and mix’n’match formulations, empowering complex combinations that address multiple health concerns. Colored differently, they visually distinguish various formulations, delighting consumers with a visually appealing supplement experience.

FZZR melts and mints BUZZING with Excitement!

FZZR melts and mints present exciting alternatives to gummies, offering customizable disintegration speeds and buzzing sensation. With its distinct fizz, FZZR melts and/or mints stand out in the market, promising innovative and delightful supplement consumption.

Anticipating multiple launches within this year and beyond, TSI will continue showcasing FZZR delivery formats at prominent events like SupplySide West and Vitafoods Asia. The collective efforts of TSI and valued partners are propelling the global expansion of FZZR technology, shaping the future of supplement delivery.

Discover the FZZR difference and explore a world of possibilities with TSI’s cutting-edge supplement technology.