TSI Group Shines as Finalist in Three Categories

Demonstrating Exceptional Innovation and Research in the Nutrition and Dietary Supplements Industry

TSI Group proudly emerges as a finalist in three distinguished categories of the highly acclaimed NutraIngredients-USA Awards 2023. These awards serve to honor exceptional achievements in the nutrition and dietary supplements industry, spotlighting outstanding innovation, market success, and cutting-edge research.

Following a rigorous evaluation process, TSI Group’s remarkable contributions have secured its status as a finalist in the following highly competitive categories:

Healthy Aging: Hobamine®, TSI Group

Specialty Categores: myHMB® + Vitamin D – IMAT study, TSI Group

Nutrition Research Project: Hobamine® – Inflammation Biomarker Response to Oral 2 Hydroxybenzylamine (2 HOBA) Acetate in Healthy Humans, TSI Group

This recognition underscores TSI Group’s unwavering dedication to scientific excellence, innovation, and the development of premium-quality ingredients. The company is honored to be acknowledged alongside industry leaders for its significant contributions to advancing health and wellness.

Embracing the power of innovation, TSI Group continues to pioneer breakthrough solutions that empower healthy aging, cater to specialty needs, and advance cutting-edge nutrition research. The acknowledgment as a finalist across multiple award categories solidifies TSI Group’s position as a visionary leader, inspiring others in the industry to strive for excellence and make a lasting impact on the well-being of individuals worldwide.

The winners of the NutraIngredients-USA Awards 2023 will be announced during an exclusive live broadcast on NutraIngredients-USA.com on Wednesday, July 12, 2023. TSI Group eagerly awaits the unveiling of the winners and looks forward to joining the industry in celebrating excellence.

TSI Group extends its sincere appreciation to its exceptional team and valued partners for their unwavering support and dedication. It is through their collective efforts that TSI Group continues to drive innovation, push boundaries, and positively impact the lives of consumers worldwide.

Congratulations to all the outstanding finalists across the diverse award categories. TSI Group is privileged to be among such esteemed company and eagerly anticipates the awards event, where the remarkable achievements shaping the future of the nutrition and dietary supplements industry will be celebrated.