TSI Group Enhances Consumer-Centric Approach for Customer Benefits

Stop by booth H01 at Vitafoods Asia to discover how TSI’s consumer-centric “B2B-4C” business model is helping businesses soar beyond their competition.

At a time when everyone is trying to redefine what it means to be innovative and on trend, TSI Group is taking a more future-focused approach. During this year’s Vitafoods Asia, the company will showcase how it helps its customers in Asia and worldwide grow their businesses by identifying and satisfying consumers’ unmet needs.

“We are B2B-4C,” confirms TSI Group CEO Joe Zhou. “Everything we do starts with the consumer and is delivered through our business customers. We don’t wait for customers to come to us with a challenge. We’re doing the early work for them. We’re out there finding the trends and opportunities. Then, we use our global resources and decades of experience to develop the science and evidence-based formulas with the best delivery system, dosage and form the consumer loves, so we’re ready when the market is ready.”

Agrees TSI Group President Larry Kolb, “From day one, we’ve demonstrated our commitment to this B2B-4C model. When we started TSI, we made joint health ingredients better and safer for the market. Even though at that time, the market for glucosamine and chondroitin was already becoming huge, we went back several steps to fix the ingredient sources. This was for the consumer, not because we had customers saying they had issues.”

TSI has since become a global dietary supplement powerhouse with several patented ingredients, including its flagship myHMB and GlucosaGreen; six manufacturing facilities; and offices in Japan, China, Malaysia, UK, Europe, Australia and the U.S.

TSI seamlessly integrates its core capabilities to enable customers to be ahead of trends

With a fully integrated approach to the dietary supplement industry, TSI is filling a largely unmet industry demand for providing turnkey solutions. Comments Zhou, “A lot of times, customers think something is unavailable due to engineering difficulties. But we can make the impossible possible, and the unavailable available.”

The company’s fully integrated solutions combine three core capabilities:

  1. Discovering ingredients: “Behind every one of our best-in-class ingredients is an abundance of scientific evidence that world consumer health experts have carefully researched.”
  2. Engineering solutions: “We provide formulas that deliver the desired outcomes, therefore meeting the consumers’ needs.” We make it our mission to understand and identify ingredient process challenges and create lasting solutions with tangible benefits.”
  3. Delivering effective and enjoyable dietary dose forms: “Once we have optimal dosage, it is crucial to enhance the consumer experience, including convenience. If they like it, there’s a high chance they’ll keep taking it. That’s what TSI is all about.”

This integrated concept pulls together all of the pieces necessary for a commercially successful product, starting with clinically studied ingredients and science-backed formulation design to optimized processing and delivering the ingredient(s) in innovative, consumer-pleasing dose forms.

Adds Kolb, “What does your company need most? Some customers come to TSI because we are strong in developing efficacious formulations or delivery forms. We can design new solutions for consumers’ pain points for any of the ingredients we work with.”

You need daily supplement users or you don’t have growth

“To truly innovate, we need to know the end consumer’s health needs as well or better than our customers,” asserts Kolb. “Our commitment is evident with myHMB. We challenge ourselves to know the muscle health market better than our customers. It’s very important for TSI to know the consumer market and needs so we can help our customers communicate the consumer benefits when you achieve total musculoskeletal health.”

He continues, “We also pay close attention to where the industry is going to identify which categories will become major categories. We have built internal systems to gain those kinds of insights so we can be much more proactive with our brand partners.

What you’ll see at Vitafoods Asia

In addition to showcasing its position as an innovative product partner, TSI will demonstrate how its understanding of consumer insights will help customers bring next-level products to market.

For example, the non-pill category — gummies, powders, liquids and effervescents — has now eclipsed the pill category. “Each of those formats have their shortcomings, and consumers are starting to realize some of these problems,” comments Zhou. “With our FZZR technology, we can provide a delivery form that consumers can either choose to drink, put directly into their mouths or chew like a mini tablet.” The company will also showcase before and after samples of its optimized ingredients, including myHMB and Hobamine.

Now is the best time for Asian companies to innovate

Zhou concludes, “The Asian dietary supplement market is pretty much dominated by foreign brands. How can local players compete if they don’t have the same capabilities? We are also very interested in working with local players. By helping them differentiate themselves with something new and unique, they can better compete in the Asian market. TSI has the capabilities to make that happen. TSI is here to help.”

To learn more about working with TSI Group, visit tsigroupltd.com.