TSI Group continues to build on its quality advantage

TSI Group announces Informed Ingredient certification for its myHMB and myHMB Clear

Informed Ingredient certifies that raw materials and ingredients
have been tested for substances banned in sports nutrition products

TSI Group continues to build on its quality advantage in the sports nutrition and healthy aging categories by achieving Informed Ingredient certification for its myHMB and myHMB Clear. This certification confirms that myHMB and myHMB Clear — the leading HMB ingredients for safety and regulatory compliance — are free of impurities and substances banned in sports nutrition products.

“HMB is experiencing a surge of interest. As the HMB pioneer with nearly 30 years of experience, TSI Group is doubling down on educating the market on how to find the highest quality HMB for their products. Achieving Informed Ingredient Certification is yet another way to confirm our customers’ trust in our high standards,” comments TSI Group President Larry Kolb. 

myHMB and myHMB Clear support sports performance, active lifestyles, healthy aging, and clinical nutrition and recovery.

  • myHMB is an innovative muscle health solution benefiting people of all ages and activity levels, from those recovering from illness or injury to the competitive athlete to the elderly keeping up with their grandkids.
  • myHMB Clear is the pure, free acid form of HMB. This fast-acting delivery form offers greater bioavailability and absorption to maximize muscle health benefits for all ages and activity levels.

Informed Ingredient certification adds another level of credibility

LGC’s Informed Ingredient certification is an ambitious and thorough testing process that involves the ingredient and the entire manufacturing process. This voluntary program assures brand manufacturers that ingredients have been routinely tested for a wide range of prohibited substances, and are therefore safe to be used by athletes without concerns of adulteration or contamination.

“As a reputable ingredient supplier, TSI Group was already very diligent and transparent about its processes. Informed Ingredient certification adds an additional level of credibility and quality assurance to their brands, which further distinguishes them from their competition,” confirms LGC Business Development Director Paul Klinger.

Continues Kolb, “Achieving Informed Ingredient certification was a very proactive, consumer-driven initiative. We want to give our customers peace of mind knowing that every batch of myHMB and myHMB Clear complies with the most current anti-doping regulations and policies.”

The myHMB quality advantage

Informed Ingredient certification is an extension of TSI’s already robust quality advantage. In 2022, myHMB became the only USP-verified HMB in the world, and one of approximately 20 dietary supplements listed on the USP website as being USP-verified.

Manufactured at two company-owned facilities with the highest level cGMP certification, myHMB is also the only HMB that is US ODI, GRAS self-affirmed and FSMA compliant.

“We are clearly the leader in third-party certifications of HMB ingredients,” observes Kolb. “We have established an extensive dossier with safety data tied to our manufacturing processes, as well as more than 100 peer-reviewed clinical trials confirming myHMB’s safety and efficacy.”

Look for the myHMB logo

“Consumers today demand a high level of quality assurance. Our quality advantage helps us stand apart from the competition.  We encourage consumers to look for the myHMB brand on product labels to ensure they receive the highest quality.

To learn more about sourcing myHMB and HMB Clear for your application, visit myHMB.com.