TSI earns Innovator of the Year Award from CMA for innovative FZZR Technology

The industry is buzzing with excitement as TSI launches its high-active, multi-function technology that delivers a fun consumer experience.

TSI is infusing fizz, fun and ultimate convenience into the consumer experience with its versatile new delivery form, FZZR Technology, which also solves many drawbacks inherent to non-pill delivery formats. These significant advancements have earned TSI Group the 2023 Innovator of the Year Award from Complementary Medicines Australia (CMA).“We are honored to receive the Innovator of the Year award; it is a recognition of our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in our industry. We firmly believe that innovation is the heartbeat of progress,” comments Patrick Antolak, TSI’s Global Director of Business Development for Product Solutions.

“Our FZZR Technology is an exciting approach to delivery forms, offering consumers the flexibility to either drink, buzz or chew their supplement. It redefines supplement delivery with innovative, versatile methods addressing consumers’ demand for taste, ease of consumption and convenience.”   

CMA award recognizes FZZR’s significance to the industry and consumer health

Earning CMA’s Innovator of the Year Award meant TSI Group had to meet stringent selection criteria. The benchmarks included the degree to which it demonstrates a leap in creativity; the degree of value added to consumer health and wellness, and to the business in terms of performance, growth and profitability; and the degree to which it creates change or successfully provides a solution for new or existing business needs.

CMA Chief Executive Officer John O’Doherty commented, “Product innovation, research and development are critical to Australia’s complementary medicines industry keeping its international competitive advantage and it’s great to see TSI contributing to this.” 

FZZR Technology stirs up new opportunities

Consumers want something that tastes good, is easy to take, easy to swallow and convenient. These four pillars drive innovation in today’s supplement industry. But as the market has shifted towards non-pill delivery formats — powders, gummies, liquids and effervescents — shortcomings have emerged.

“One of the biggest challenges is lower active ingredient input. Also, some of these non-pill formats have a weak shelf life leading to decreased potency over time. Convenience is also lacking, as these formats often require multiple servings, scoops or a shaker cup,” explains Antolak.

FZZR Technology moves the industry beyond those limitations. The FZZR advantages include:

  • Higher active/s ingredient input. This translates to more effective products, reducing the need for multiple doses and enhancing the overall consumer experience and convenience.
  • Multiple health function loading. FZZR offers the unique advantage of accommodating multiple health functions in a single sachet. “This is my favorite attribute of FZZR, as it empowers brands to position themselves competitively in the personalized nutrition landscape,” comments Antolak. 
  • Combination of incompatible actives. with the ability to seamlessly combine not two but up to 12 separate active ingredients in a single 10-, 15- or 20-gram sachet. This feature allows for the fusion of diverse and complementary ingredients that might traditionally be challenging to coexist.
  • Greater customer experience and convenience. FZZR redefines supplement convenience with a single-dose application, providing users the flexibility to enjoy it as a drink mix or consume directly to the mouth for a “candy-esque” buzzing sensation on their tongues. This innovative approach enhances the customer experience, making health and wellness effortlessly enjoyable.

Antolak elaborates that FZZR is a solution that addresses consumer demands for convenience, efficacy and an enjoyable experience. “FZZR redefines supplement delivery with its capacity for high active loading, accommodation of multiple health functions, and the ability to combine incompatible actives into a single sachet. However, we didn’t stop there recognizing that the days of choking down multiple pills or gritty powder are in the past. Consumers expect their nutritional supplements to taste great. FZZR Technology grants them the flexibility to choose how they consume their supplements, whether as a delightful drink mix or a direct-to-mouth experience”

He concludes, “The industry is evolving, and consumers are hungry for something new, something that surprises and delights. Brands that adopt innovation early don’t just ride the wave; they create it. Watch as the excitement grows globally, with a number of new SKUs soon to launch in the U.S., Malaysia, Australia and Europe.”