TSI Branded Ingredients Featured in Nutraceuticals World

With more and more consumers looking to lead a healthy lifestyle a new market opens up for the sports nutrition market.

A once very focused sports performance demographic is now broadening to a mainstream group from active millennials to weekend warriors to baby boomers.

These consumers are looking for clean label products that improve energy, reduce fatigue, and speed recovery.  This is where ingredients like PEAK ATP® and myHMB® from TSI come into play.

Larry Kolb (President of TSI) states, “The science of sports nutrition has evolved tremendously over the last decade and new effective ingredients such as PEAK ATP® and myHMB® have emerged. The energy/recovery market is extremely attractive, with excellent growth opportunities for clinically validated ingredients. The clinical validation allows marketers to use structure-function claims to communicate benefits to the consumers. Marketing companies can differentiate their products by choosing effective, validated, quality ingredients.”

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