TSI becomes the exclusive global distributor of enfinity® (paraxanthine)

The future is here. enfinity® is a cleaner, safer and more effective alternative to caffeine

Caffeine is evolving to meet the needs of a new generation, and two industry powerhouses are joining forces to make it happen. TSI Group and enfinity energy, LLC are partnering to expand enfinity® paraxanthine’s reach in the global marketplace. With this partnership, TSI Group becomes the exclusive distributor of enfinity®, a better-for-you caffeine metabolite that solves most of the common issues associated with caffeine.

People want more than their cup of joe.

While 90% of adults routinely consume caffeine, about 9 out of 10 consider it a necessary evil because of its undesirable side effects. An estimated 59% of consumers metabolize caffeine suboptimally, which typically means they have more side effects than actual benefits.

enfinity® functions more consistently than caffeine, leading to fewer side effects, greater enjoyability, improved mood and a more focused mindset. “Today’s consumers are seeking functional, better-for-you products that give them focus, energy and stress relief,” observes enfinity energy Partner Shawn Wells, MPH, RD, LDN, CISSN, FISSN.

“Roughly 70% of caffeine is metabolized as paraxanthine, which is caffeine’s efficacious compound. enfinity® bypasses the side-effect ridden middlemen (theophylline, theobromine and caffeine itself) and goes straight to work delivering newfound energy without jitters, anxiety, crashes or sleep problems.”

Wells explains that enfinity® is less bitter than caffeine and easier to formulate with. “Product formulators, product designers and manufacturers are looking for ultra premium ingredients that create differentiation; enfinity® provides a unique selling proposition for stand-out brands in a highly saturated look-alike market.”

Adds TSI Group President Larry Kolb, “enfinity® is becoming very popular. It is a

well-developed ingredient that is disrupting the industry with real innovation that has not been seen in years. We are very excited to partner with enfinity energy to bring this best-in-class, revolutionary ingredient to our customers worldwide.”

enfinity® stands on the shoulders of caffeine.

enfinity® has 23 patents filed, four human clinical studies and a robust body of preclinical work, with much more on the way. It is a game-changer because it delivers a safer, cleaner and more consistent experience for everyone, not just the minority who metabolize caffeine well. “That means there’s greater commercial opportunity,” says Wells.

Multiple studies have shown those benefits to include:

  • Energy, focus, and wakeful clarity
  • Enhanced mood and sense of wellbeing
  • Neuroprotective cognitive accelerant
  • Improved reaction time and reduced mental errors
  • Increased caloric expenditure and thermogenesis
  • Significantly lessened side effects of caffeine with dramatically reduced toxicity
  • More consistent results: eliminates caffeine’s genetic variability, reducing crashes and anxiety

“I take enfinity® daily and its benefits are exceptional,” says Kolb. “Many of us at TSI Group take it and we believe in it, especially as a pre-workout ingredient. While its core is sports nutrition, I see a huge opportunity for it in the functional beverage/energy space. It will be market changing.”

Wells agrees. “The applications for enfinity® are unlimited. With efficacious dosing anywhere between 100mg to 300mg, it can be used in gummies, RTDs, energy drinks, fat burners, nootropics and pre-workout powders. Basically, everywhere you find caffeine, you can upgrade the experience and performance with enfinity®.”

Two dream teams are fueling enfinity’s evolution.

The collaboration between TSI Group and enfinity energy is a natural fit, as several of the principals had long-standing relationships with one another. The companies also share similar values and cultures, with both embracing excellence in market-leading innovation.

The partners of enfinity energy are the founders of Ingenious Ingredients, LP, which is a leading innovation company developing disruptive new bioactive ingredients for the dietary supplement, food and beverage industry. enfinity energy’s partners are industry notables:

  • Shawn Wells, who holds patents on more than 15 novel ingredients that are in thousands of products. In addition, he has formulated more than 500 products.
  • Martin Purpura, Ph.D., a highly regarded expert and inventor in new product development and technologies in the nutritional and health category.
  • Kylin Liao, the founder and CEO of NNB Nutrition, the exclusive manufacturing partner of enfinity. Liao has created more than 20 unique or first-to-market ingredients.
  • Ralf Jäger, Ph.D. FISSN, CISSN, MBA, a world-class inventor of functional foods and dietary supplements and respected ingredient researcher.

TSI Group is a well-established global health and wellness company that works with some of the biggest brands in each region of the world. “TSI is always looking for key collaborators that enable us to bring industry-leading, best-in-class innovations to market,” states Kolb.

For enfinity energy, the choice to partner with TSI Group came down to trust. “TSI has a tremendous global presence in nutraceuticals, and validates its ingredients with science,” comments Wells. “It’s a company that works with branded ingredients and has already demonstrated at the highest levels that they want enfinity® to be successful. That is critical to our team and the long-term success of this groundbreaking ingredient.”

Learn more about enfinity at enfinityenergy.com. To explore formulating with enfinity®, contact TSI Group at www.tsigroupltd.com.