HMB for Muscle Health in Animals

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Maintaining Muscle Health with Age As both humans and animals age, loss of muscle mass translates to reduced strength and mobility issues. As a result, maintaining muscle health is critical to the long-term health and well-being of both humans and our animal companions. Since animals reach physiological maturity, and middle and late age more quickly […]

New Research Reveals Bodywide GlucosaGreen® Benefits

TSi Group Gut Health Research

A new human clinical trial demonstrates groundbreaking benefits for gut and muscle health. For most glucosamine ingredient suppliers, it’s enough to prove joint health and mobility benefits. But that’s just the starting point at TSI Group, where experts continuously invest in science, pioneer the discovery of new benefits among time-tested ingredients, and optimize processing. Most […]

Alternative Medicine’s Article on Age-Related Muscle Loss

Aging is inevitable and unfortunately so is muscle loss associated with aging. The average person will have lost 35-40% of their muscle mass and 20-40% of strength by the age of 80. Muscle loss leads to an increased risk of falling, hinders your ability to recover from injuries or illness, and can cause declines in […]