Driven by Discovery, Motivated by Scientific Curiosity.

Behind each one of our three-branded ingredients is an abundance of scientific evidence that often takes years and even decades to develop. Our Innovation Team, consisting of TSI Group researchers and our world-class Scientific Advisory Board, adds immeasurable value in every step of the process for all our customers’ products.

At our core, we believe that science and innovation are the keys to unlocking the full potential of dietary supplements. That’s why we’re constantly exploring new ingredients and formulations to help our partners stay ahead of the curve and deliver the latest and most effective products to their customers.

"Our TSI Innovation Team constantly seeks out revolutionary new ingredients that address unmet consumer health needs and uncover new consumer health categories."


We understand the importance of transparency and trust in business partnerships, which is why we provide in-depth information about the science behind each of our ingredients and their benefits. This empowers our brand partners to make informed decisions and offer their customers products they can feel confident in.

Our overarching goal is to safely, effectively, and sustainably address unmet consumer health needs. In collaboration with our brand partners, we introduce innovative wellness products to markets and improve access to clinically proven nutritional solutions. This improves the health of consumers while also helping our partners grow.

We’re committed to providing the highest quality products and helping businesses achieve their goals of delivering premium supplements to their customers.

Partner with us on your next product innovation.