Ingredient Solutions Division Branded Products

More than The Glucosamine Experts

The Ingredient Solutions Division is dedicated to helping people stay healthy with highly advanced specialized ingredients. Our ISD brands include GlucosaGreen, our sustainable, vegan glucosamine, specialized ingredient processing called OptiMized ® and smaller tableting technology through OptiTab®.

We are invested in every detail to understand the consumer’s joint health needs. No matter where you are located, we know what it takes to take a difficult product to market. 


We perfected the science of glucosamine to provide the world with an effective and highly sustainable, vegan form of the leading selling joint supporting ingredient. GlucosaGreen® is bioequivalent to other forms of glucosamine, but with significant differences.

Top Ten Reasons to Consider GlucosaGreen®


Patented technology that addresses the environmental challenges inherent to chitin-derived shellfish glucosamine production.


Made from fermented non-GMO corn without shellfish for vegetarians and vegans and other restrictive diets. 


Reduces solid waste by-products by 98% as compared to traditional forms of glucosamine.


Lowers water use by an amazing 99.6%


Does not require the use of hazardous chemicals, which reduces air pollution output. 


Available in all glucosamine salt forms: glucosamine sulfate, glucosamine hydrochloride, N-Acetyl-D glucosamine. 


Range of delivery formats in various particle sizes, compressible granules, capsule grade and soft chews.


Toxicity tested and verified-cGMP compliant.


Human and animal-friendly; kosher and vegan friendly.


Transparent, traceable, sustainable and cost effective.

"We are driven by sustainability. In addition to ongoing water reduction initiatives we are dramatically reducing our carbon footprint with every ton of shellfish-based glucosamine we convert to GlucosaGreen®"

Peter Mazzilli, Director Ingredient Solutions Division

GlucosaGreen® Supports Joint Health and More

Hundreds of studies support the benefits of Glucosamine to relieve joint pain due to osteoarthritis. Clinical studies show it may reduce cartilage degradation and aid in the rebuilding of cartilage. It provides much-needed relief from pain, enabling millions of people and animals to live more active, healthy lives – See More Info.

The most recent science supporting GlucosaGreen® shows benefits beyond joint health. A study in the journal Nutrients,1 glucosamine supplementation supported healthy elimination and gastrointestinal health, by reducing stomach bloating and stool function. It improved branched chain amino-acid excretion with no negative effect on short-chain fatty acid levels. The 14-day supplementation also reduced phylogenetic diversity and proportions of Pseudomonadaceae, Peptococcaceae, and Bacillaceae

The researchers concluded that these results may open avenues for further study into potential benefits for muscle health, muscle breakdown and age-related muscle loss.