Capabilities & Services

Our Mission

We make it our mission to understand and identify ingredient process challenges and create lasting solutions for our customers with tangible benefits. This is how we help create a healthier world. 

As with all our TSI Group divisions, the Ingredient Solutions Division provides a vast array of services, product development support and compliance verification. In addition to being the Glucosamine Experts, we combine world class technical expertise with direct customer relationships. In doing so, we create added value with the ingredients we supply. This focus gives you an added edge in the market.  

The most advanced solution.

At TSI Group, we don’t just make ingredients, we use our decades of experience to apply every technological advantage we can to make them better. We improve upon the ordinary by recreating ingredients to make them more stable and higher quality.

This exclusive technology, called OptiTab®, allows for a precise granulation of glucosamine. The result is smaller, more stable tablets for our customers. The benefits of TSI’s tableting technology include:

As our partner, you will experience a level of support you’ve likely never seen, including:

  1. Reducing tablet size by as much as 15%;
  2. Less pitting, capping, chipping, and deterioration of tablets;
  3. Fewer excipients and unwanted fillers;
  4. Less stress on your tableting machines;
  5. Overall, smaller, higher quality finished tablets for greater consumer loyalty and dosage compliance.
The Ingredient Solutions Division is always striving to be a valued partner in ensuring the health of our customer’s businesses. Whether that means creating smaller, more complex tablets and capsules or using raw materials that are sustainably produced, we help you bring your vision to life.