enfinity® Shines as Best in Show at SupplySide West 2023

SupplySide West 2023, renowned as one of the largest gatherings of health and nutrition industry professionals in North America, has once again showcased cutting-edge products that are making waves in the industry.

The exclusive “Best In Show” behind-the-scenes special, produced by Wylde On Health Productions and co-hosted by Dr. Jonny Bowden, Brent Bishop, and Bryce Wylde, highlights the most innovative finds at the event held in the vibrant city of Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay.

enfinity®: Sustained Energy, Focus, and Clarity

Topping the list is enfinity®, a metabolite of caffeine scientifically known as paraxanthine. The video breakdown reveals that enfinity® offers a clean energy boost, enhanced mood, focus, and consistent results without the common crash associated with traditional caffeinated drinks.

Relissa™: Quality Sleep Matters

Bryce Wylde’s pick for quality sleep is Relissa™, derived from the leaves of Melissa officinalis. This product promotes sleep, relaxation, and calm, focusing on the importance of quality over quantity when it comes to rest.

RiaGev: Cellular Energy for Healthy Aging

For those seeking real cellular energy, RiaGev combines the power of Bioenergy Ribose with nicotinamide to promote healthy aging by efficiently increasing cellular NAD levels. This innovative ingredient aims to slow down the aging process from within.

Black Seed Oil by TriNutra®: Medicinal Properties Unveiled

TriNutra® introduces a naturally standardized Black Seed Oil with thymoquinone (ThymoQuin®), highlighting its powerful medicinal properties that may benefit skin and hair health, reduce inflammation, and support weight loss.

Smartchews: Convenient Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Brent Bishop’s discovery, Smartchews, offers a convenient way to consume Omega-3 fatty acids with a single flavorful chew. This product boasts no fishy taste, no added sugar, and even includes vegan options.

BIFIZEN®: Probiotic Powerhouse

In the realm of probiotics, BIFIZEN® takes the spotlight with its unique formulation proven to enhance mood, reduce fatigue, and improve sleep quality.

Barleans Omega-3: Vegan-Friendly Delight

A trusted name in the industry, Barleans, introduces a vegan-friendly lineup of Omega-3 products in liquid form, available in delightful flavors such as lemon crème, pina colada, pink lemonade, and ginger peach swirl.

Ashwagandha: Stress Relief Champion

Dr. Jonny Bowden, drawing from over 30 years of practice, recommends ashwagandha for stress and anxiety relief. His go-to brand, KSM 66, is clinically proven to reduce stress, enhance memory and cognition, and increase endurance, strength, and immune function.

These standout products from SupplySide West 2023 represent the forefront of innovation in the health and nutrition industry, offering a diverse range of solutions to address various wellness needs.