Product Solution Capabilities

At TSI Group, our quality assurances are part of our everyday processes for not only contract manufacturing, but all our brands and services. From our first conversation, we are your partner at every step of the journey from ideation to delivery.

Smart processes and workflows accommodating a wide range of batch sizes, allows TSI to provide high quality supply chain solutions for a variety of clients including leading international brands sold in all major retailers and e-commerce platforms, as well as highly specialized products dispensed via practitioners.

FZZR™ Granules

FZZR™ granules offer a groundbreaking solution designed to accommodate larger quantities and multiple function of active ingredients. With visually appealing coloured granules and a captivating sparkling effervescent effect when mixed with water, FZZR™ granules provide an engaging and enjoyable supplement consumption experience.

FZZR™ Melts

Expertly crafted to accommodate a range of active ingredient quantities, our FZZR™ melts offer customized disintegration speed and fizz strength for a truly unique consumer experience. With fast absorption and an emphasis on convenience, FZZR™ melts are ideal for on-the-go consumption, catering to your customers’ busy lifestyles.

FZZR™ Mints

FZZR™ mints, a refreshing and innovative addition to your brand’s supplement line-up. These mints boast a delightful minty-fresh taste and fizz that consumers will love, while providing customized disintegration and fizz strength for a truly unique experience. FZZR™ mints offer efficient supplement delivery, ensuring optimal benefits for your customers.

a closeup of TSI Group's STRW technology - a way to drink your nutrients


A simple and innovative delivery format for everyone to get the high-quality vitamins and dietary supplements they need. Open a straw, place it in your drink, and then simply relax, sip & enjoy thanks to TSI’s advanced mini dose granules!


Leading the way in effervescent tablets manufacturing TSI offers ready-made effervescent tablets formulas or custom formulas of effervescent tablets that can be manufactured and packed in tubes for your brand.


TSI’s particle size technology is unparalleled. Our processing capabilities include the ability to manage micro-dose components, complex particle size and density variables for powdered ingredients.
a blue background and blue tablets


TSI Group’s tableting operations have an annual capacity of more than 1.8 billion tablets. We tailor our production to your needs for product size, cost and brand. Our formats include film coated, uncoated, chewable and melts.


We process more than 1 billion capsule units per year in the form of hard gelatin and vegetarian capsules across a wide range of sizes and product profiles.