Contract manufacturing services

Consistently promising quality, value and innovation

We partner with a wide range of clients, from multinational corporations to small entrepreneurial innovators across all major global markets. Contract manufacturing services has world-renowned expertise delivering formulated products across diverse categories, each with the highest quality and cost-efficiency. Our extensive contract services can help you develop new innovative formulations into commercial scale production, as well as improve existing products and line extensions, so you can be in market even quicker.

What We Offer

We are constantly formulating new products to meet evolving consumer need. At the same time, TSI also develops and maintains our own range of formulations that we can offer as turn-key, solutions which are ideal for white-label brands. So if you need to launch or extend your range with a tight timeline, we are the perfect partner. As a vertically integrated suppliment manufacturing company, we understand how to optimize the whole supply chain for efficiency. Through our superior granulation expertise, TSI can often reduce the number of excipients required for high quality caplet, and capsule, and tablet manufacturing.

As a vertically integrated supplement company, we understand how to optimize the whole supply chain for efficiency.

“We build partnerships with our customers one at a time, allowing us to have a deep understanding of their needs. And by creating a tailored value chain for each of them we can ensure long-term success.”

Joe Zhou, CEO, TSI Group, Ltd.

What makes us different

With 25 years of experience in the industry, TSI has become a global leader in nutraceutical supply chain solutions, offering full service contract manufacturing of vitamins and dietary supplements. We are at the forefront of global trends. Our experienced collaborative team includes business development, marketing and R&D. As a team, we develop innovative concepts to give your brand a head start so you can focus on your launch plans and lead the way. Alternatively, if you have your own innovative product(s) in mind, you can trust TSI to help you make it a commercial reality.

Delivering effective partnerships

Our goal is to become true business partners for the long term. Our subject matter experts integrate themselves with the right people in your organization to open transparent communications and streamline the entire commercial production process. We can offer solutions to fit every need and create bespoke approaches for every partner.

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