Nutraceutical Business Review: HMB plus vitamin D3 improves muscle function in older adults without exercise

A group of active Retirees

Larry Kolb, President, TSI USA, presents the results of a 12-month, NIH-funded study that demonstrates how β-hydroxy β-methylbutyrate (HMB) combined with vitamin D3 can improve muscle function in older adults who do not concurrently exercise. These findings have global implications for the nutraceutical, ingredient and functional food industries, for healthcare professionals and for the tens […]

Boots to offer TSI osteoarthritis tablets OTC

TSI’s Arthriex, a high-dose, pharmaceutical glucosamine product approved by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) to relieve the symptoms of mild-to-moderate osteoarthritis of the knee, is now available over the counter, exclusively at all 2,500 Boots UK locations. Visit the Nutraceutical Business Review to learn more about TSI’s ostetoarthritis tablets.

TSI leading the way with their environmentally-friendly glucosamine ingredient – GlucosaGreen®

As the younger generations put more emphasis on supporting companies that strive to be environmentally conscious, the need for the market to produce more sustainable products grows. TSI has set a new quality standard with their glucosamine plant-based alternative GlucosaGreen®. Read the full article on GlucosaGreen®’s distinguished sustainable production process Low Environmental Impact Glucosamine for […]

Building Sustainability with GlucosaGreen®

With the global pandemic seriously impacting the global supply chain, the use of using sustainable practices in production has become imperative. China is the world’s largest producer of the joint-health product glucosamine from shellfish, but there is a more sustainable glucosamine on the market – GlucosaGreen®.  GlucosaGreen® is manufactured via a patent-protected process that utilizes […]

TSI Group acquires Metabolic Technologies

TSI Group acquires Metabolic Technologies

TSI Group Ltd. has acquired Metabolic Technologies, LLC to help expand the global market reach and access of the branded ingredient myHMB (HMB). With this integration they plan to utilize TSI’s expertise in production, sales, and business development along with Metabolic Technologies research and development capabilities. MyHMB has been a well-proven muscle health ingredient known […]

How GlucosaGreen Can Sustain Your Joint Health Brand

GlucosaGreen Can Sustain Joint Health

Sustainability is more than just a buzzword – it is a promise and a protocol to ensure resource renewability for future generations. One aspect of ethical practices that characterize sustainability is trading one resource that is more limited in availability and harms the environment in processing, for another that is more easily available and leaves less waste. […]

TSI Branded Ingredients Featured in Nutraceuticals World

TSI Branded Ingredients Featured in Nutraceuticals World

With more and more consumers looking to lead a healthy lifestyle a new market opens up for the sports nutrition market. A once very focused sports performance demographic is now broadening to a mainstream group from active millennials to weekend warriors to baby boomers. These consumers are looking for clean label products that improve energy, […]

Cross Platform Ingredients Like HMB Key to Prospering in Developing Markets

Larry Kolb, co-founder of ingredient manufacturer TSI Group Ltd., says having ingredients that can apply to a variety of interests and the needs of different demographic groups will be the key to attracting new Active Nutrition consumers. Read the full article on and learn more about the emerging Active Nutrition market.

The Expansion of the Muscle Health Market – 3 Contributing Factors

Speaking at the Healthy Ageing APAC Summit, TSI’s John Burstow shared three factors that will drive the expansion of the muscle health product market. A large ageing population is key, as people naturally lose muscle mass over time. Age-related muscle mass begins in our 40’s and eventually has significant impacts on quality of life. HMB (beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate), a […]