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At TSI Group, our metric for success is our customers. When they succeed, we succeed. We have undergone an extensive reimagining of the way we do business in order to better support the needs of our business partners. This is because, ultimately, we are in service to our partners and their customers, putting our skills and experience to work to solve current and future needs and using our innovation to create products that provide real value.

What We Do

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Quality Control to Stay Ahead of the Most Rigorous Global Standards

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Ingredient Solutions Division

At our core, taking ingredients and making them better is how we fulfill our mission of supporting profitable brands, healthy consumers, and, ultimately, a healthy planet.

We look for challenges from the customer perspective and create sustainable health solutions with tangible benefits. We are constantly looking for opportunities to add value in places where no one else thinks to look.

Whether it is by enabling our customers to create smaller or more complex tablets and capsules or by using raw materials that are sustainably produced, we strive to be a valued partner.

Innovative Products Division

Discovery is at the core of TSI Group’s Innovative Products Division (IPD). Our health sciences team consists of world-class researchers who implement evidence-based processes. Our scientists use world-renowned laboratories to investigate and uncover new nutritional solutions for consumers around the world.

Behind each of our innovations is unparalleled scientific evidence that often takes years to develop. Our ultimate goal is to safely, effectively, and sustainably address unmet consumer needs, ultimately improving health and longevity for consumers. When we deliver this, we also help our brand partners grow.

The ingredients in our nutritional supplements are proprietary and unique, with market-leading science and proven consumer benefits. MyHMB® (beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate) and PEAK ATP® (adenosine triphosphate) were developed to optimize muscle health, while Hobamine® (2-HOBA) was developed to revolutionize healthy cellular function. Our innovative products division uses evidence-based practices to discover groundbreaking nutraceutical solutions, from muscle building and strength training, to active aging and injury recovery.

Contract Manufacturing Services

TSI Group has one of the largest Research and Development teams in the dietary supplement industry, which allows for fast and scalable development and distribution of new health solutions. Our partnership with global leaders of nutrition runs so deep that our supplement manufacturing services effectively function as an extension of their businesses.

We lead our own consumer research and scientific studies in collaboration with leading organizations, which allows us to offer turnkey services with a range of curated wellness products in both established segments and new and emerging markets.

We specialize in global market access and distribution expertise with rigorous quality assurance and compliance programs.

Our Accreditations and Affiliations

To ensure we meet the highest cGMP standards, our facilities are accredited by widely recognized international regulatory organizations.

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We support customers in over 34 countries with global supplement sales, distribution and regulatory support.

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