Turning the ordinary into the extraordinary

Our Bio-Active Ingredients Division takes existing raw ingredients and uncovers better ways to source, process and deliver them. This is how we fulfill our mission of supporting profitable partners, healthy consumers, and, ultimately, a healthy planet.

We are the largest manufacturer of glucosamine in the world and the only producer that makes both glucosamine and chondroitin. Our product GlucosaGreen® is produced via a patented fermentation process from corn which makes it non-GMO, vegan and allergen free and is a marked improvement over traditional glucosamine supplements.

What We Offer

We look for challenges from the customer perspective and create solutions with tangible benefits. We are constantly looking for opportunities to add value in places where no one else thinks to look.

Our world-class granulation facility can produce standard and custom formulations of glucosamine for a range of finished doses. And our end-to-end process includes a research and development department that advances raw material processes to meet current and future finished dose demands which ultimately leads to efficiency and improved quality.

Our focus is on existing ingredients—first deconstructing, then recreating them as better versions.

“We are driven by sustainability. In addition to ongoing water reduction initiatives, we also own our own ginko farm to allow for greater efficiencies.”

Peter mazzilli, director, bio-active ingredients.

What makes us different

Our focus is on existing ingredients—first deconstructing, then recreating them as better versions. Our commitment to sustainability manifests in our patented production of GlucosaGreen®, which has reduced our water waste by 99.6% and eliminated 98% of the generated solid waste.

The Pureflex® glucosamine that we produce in our EU Pharma-certified facility is the only one approved as pharmaceutical grade in the UK.

Delivering effective partnerships

Whether it is by enabling our customers to create smaller or more complex tablets and capsules or using raw materials that are sustainably produced, we strive to be a valued partner to ensure the health of their businesses. While our focus is on existing ingredients, our ultimate goal is to be a better partner to you. We strive to be solutions providers, helping you bring your vision to life.

Connect With Us

We look forward to connecting with you to help you address your next challenge.

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