Manufacturing Relationships. Distributing Quality.

At TSI Group, we work differently than most. We have grown from being an importer of raw materials to a fully vertical-integrated global company. This includes our own factories, molecular discovery capabilities, patented ingredients, sustainability solutions and a dedicated research and development team with renowned scientific experts.

We don’t stop there. Our full-scale vertically integrated services include tableting solutions and in-house global regulatory and third-party validated quality assurance auditing for our ingredients. We own the factories where glucosamine, chondroitin sulphate, myHMB and other ingredients are manufactured.

With over 25 years of expertise and our extensive global presence allow us to proactively provide innovative capabilities that streamline production and ensure the highest quality for every ingredient we produce and distribute.

"Our global presence, expertise, and far-reaching capabilities allow the company to proactively provide innovative health and wellness solutions to all clients and customers"

Joe Zhou, Co-founder & CEO, TSI Group.

See how TSI manufactures our own finished products and ingredients with only top-of-class quality standards and regulatory compliance.

Contract Manufacturing

Experience full-service, contract manufacturing, including novel delivery systems, scalability, and packaging.

Global Presence, Local Solutions

Partner with our team to discover how TSI ingredients improve the health of people throughout the world.

Global Presence, Local Solutions

Learn more about how our ingredients meet the highest standards and are certified for regulatory approval at our factories.

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How is TSI Making a Difference?

Strong and Streamlined Supply Chain

Decades of experience means you can count on us to be a trusted partner. We’ve optimized our supply chain through our integrated manufacturing capabilities coupled with the highest level of quality assurance practices, which provide full transparency and verification. We are reliable, so you don’t have to worry.

Scale-Up Support

Growth is good, but scaling up can be an expensive process. Our state-of-the-art facilities help you transition from smaller to larger qualities without the usual challenges. Scalability is our specialty because of our higher-than-standard everyday practices, including our own quality-controlled factories, OptiMize® services for glucosamine and in-house OptiTab® ingredients tableting. Your growth and success are our priority.

Global Compliance

We recognize that obtaining regulatory compliance is a difficult experience. It is why all of our ingredients meet country or regional regulatory standards when they leave our facilities. Our team of experts takes the load off your shoulders so there are no surprises down the line with cGMP and other governmental approvals. We specialize in regional and localized regulatory compliance.

In-Depth Innovation Services

Since our inception in 1996, we pride ourselves in filling in the missing gaps that most ingredient companies cannot provide. From helping you find the best ingredient for your needs to streamlining the delivery, our team will step up to help you deliver your next successful product. Ask us anything, we are here to help.

Partner Centric

Every customer is a unique business partner. A partner-connected approach means we create custom-made solutions to ensure that your needs and desires are more than adequately addressed. Let’s partner for better health worldwide.