We Are TSI.

At TSI, we build on our legacy of innovation and expertise, adding value in every function required to deliver healthy solutions.

Since our inception in 1996, TSI Group has been future-focused for the health of all consumers worldwide.

Continuous research and discovery have been at the core of our commitment to better the lives of brand partners customers from our humble beginnings as a glucosamine supplier to our position as a leading global biotechnology organisation.

Today, we are one company made up of three divisions driven by science, discovery, and innovation.

No matter where our customers live and work, we continuously find ways to add value so that the public’s utmost health needs are always considered.

"Since TSI Group was founded, we’ve been driven first and foremost to be future-focused for the health of all consumers worldwide. Discovery and innovation drive every division"

Larry Kolb, Co-founder & President of Innovative Ingredients, TSI Group.

Driven by Discovery, Motivated by Scientific Curiosity

Our scientific team of researchers and our world-class Scientific Advisory Board, actively collaborates with leading researchers and institutions to uncover new nutritional solutions for unmet consumer health needs. 

Behind all our innovations is an abundance of scientific evidence that often takes years and even decades to develop. Our patents and clinical research is proof of our dedication to scientific discovery for a better world.

Our overarching goal is to safely, effectively, and sustainably improve health, lifestyle and longevity for consumers.

This is why Healthy Begins Here

Partner Centricity​

Every customer at TSI is treated as a unique business partner. Our “Partner-Connected” approach and practices are built to maintain long-term business relationships. ​

Global Presence

TSI operates in major markets all over the world. The products and services are designed and delivered to meet the highest quality and regulatory standards in each global market.

Innovation Leaders

Everything we do is driven by discovery. We bring together world-class scientists and institutional partners to develop market-leading technologies that address unmet consumer health needs.

Consumer Focused

The health and wellness of consumers is our everyday purpose. We recognize our responsibilities to the world and are aware of our impact on resources and people