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Discovery and innovation drive everything we do.

Proactive Health and Wellness Solutions.

At TSI Group, we are driven to be future-focused for the health of all consumers worldwide. Discovery and innovation drive all of our divisions, and our global presence, expertise, and far-reaching capabilities allow us to proactively provide health and wellness solutions to our clients. Our innate curiosity in both science and operational value helps us identify promising new ingredients that capture new market segments and create optimal finished-dose value solutions. TSI Group is dedicated to successful partnerships that provide both TSI Group and our customers with unique, long-term growth opportunities.

Our History


Technical Sourcing International (TSI) established in both the USA and China to supply quality-certified made-in-China ingredients to the US dietary supplement industry


Became a major exporter of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate from China, one of the pioneer suppliers of both from China; launched the first branded ingredient, OSTIVONE, to the US dietary supplement market for bone health in collaboration with the Chinese Academy of Science.


Established distribution network to Australia, Europe, and Japan.


Formed the first joint venture in China, TSI Xuzhou, for the production of herb extracts like ginkgo biloba.


Established TSI China in Shanghai as the company’s Operational Headquarters. Opened R&D Center for production technology and expanded TSI Analytical Laboratory operation.


Created TSI JY Pharmaceutical, a 60-acre manufacturing complex of chondroitin sulfate, HMB, and several other ingredients.


Established TSI-owned marketing and sales companies TSI (EU) in Manchester, UK, and TSI (AU) in Sydney, Australia.


Acquired Yessamin Health in Nantong, China, and NPD in Brisbane, Australia. Started contract manufacturing services from China and Australia.


Invested in and built Hygieia Xuzhou to produce vegetal glucosamine via a novel processing technology.


Formed a strategic research partnership with Metabolic Technologies in Ames, Iowa USA, to expand our innovation capabilities in discovery of new molecules and clinical studies.


Formed three business divisions. Innovative Products, Bio-Active Ingredients, and Contract Manufacturing, based on the core capabilities of the company. Set the stage for focused growth globally.


Formed JV company TSI Yangcheng, the first to produce gingko extract from farmed gingko plants and trees.


Acquired Metabolic Technologies, bringing significant discovery and scientific research expertise in house.

Three Divisions That Work in Unison for Your Benefit

Our platform of integrated capabilities allows us to offer a diversified range of services that are centered on our customers’ growth and profitability. We specialize in global market access and distribution expertise, with rigorous quality assurance and compliance programs. Learn more about our offerings​.

We support customers in over 34 countries with global sales, distribution and regulatory support. Our sustainable production of GlucosaGreen® and commitment to the environment demonstrate that our mission of improving health applies not just to individual people, but also to our planet.
With the development of myHMB®, we are helping to boost protein synthesis, reduce muscle damage, and improve recovery and endurance. PEAK ATP® provides a source of real energy and supports exercise performance by enhancing oxygen and nutrient delivery. Hobamine (2-HOBA) helps maintain good health and promotes healthy cell function.

We are constantly formulating new products to meet evolving consumer need. Through our superior granulation expertise, TSI can often reduce the number of excipients required to make high-quality tablets, caplets, and capsules.

Our Global Footprint

With 13 locations on 4 continents, we are capable of reaching your goals.

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We support customers in over 34 countries with global supplement sales, distribution and regulatory support.

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