Discovery is at the Core of What We Do

Healthy Begins Here

TSI Group works together with one goal in mind — to create value for our brand partners and their customers. At TSI, we have teams of researchers, scientists, regulatory specialists, and product development experts — each working in tandem to help create solutions for improving health.


We lead the world in best-in-class research, innovative ingredients and solutions for unmet consumer health needs.
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We are more than a global ingredient company. We solve tough formulation problems for better consumer brand loyalty and greater compliance.



We pay close attention to your customer’s needs for turn-key solutions, including customized formulations, made-to-measure supply solutions and finished-goods packaging.

Did you know?

98% free of solid waste

GlucosaGreen® virtually eliminates the environmental impact inherent to chitin-derived shellfish production by reducing solid waste by 98% and water use by an incredible 99.6%!

50 human clinical studies traceable

MyHMB® is one of the most studied nutritional ingredients available. In the last three decades, more than 50 human studies, 40 review articles and 12 meta-analyses have shown its effectiveness and safety.

‘NEW’ is at the core of the consumer choice

Surveying over half a million consumers over the years, the Natural Marketing Institute found that 30% of Gen Y consumers prefer to get supplements in other forms than pills and capsules. That’s why TSI created FZZR™.

More Than an Antioxidant

Hobamine® is notably not an antioxidant because it allows our bodies to continue their normal processes like cell signaling and immune function while minimizing the adverse effects of oxidative stress.

Increases blood flow by up to 54%

PEAK ATP® also supports exercise performance by enhancing Vasodilation. This supports improved oxygen and nutrient delivery and improved waste removal from the muscle during and after exercise.

Better results made easier in less time

Optimized Ingredients identify ways to improve processes so materials are specifically tailored to customer needs.

Accreditations & Affiliations

To ensure we meet the highest cGMP standards, our facilities are accredited by widely recognized international regulatory organizations.