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At TSI, we are passionate about helping people discover beneficial solutions for lifelong health. Our legacy of expertise and innovation drives us to create nutritional and supplement solutions to address current and future health needs.

What We Believe

Our supplement manufacturing delivers formulated products across a wide range of categories with the highest quality and cost-efficiency. We are at the forefront of supplement ingredient solutions, and our extensive contract services can help you transform new innovative formulations into commercial-scale production. As one of the largest, vertically integrated supplement companies in the world, we understand how to optimize the whole supply chain, ensuring cost-effective delivery.

TSI Group

Building Better Products Using Better Ingredients in Better Ways.

We are dedicated to creating innovative products that improve quality of life and extend lifespans. We are future-focused and driven by science. This helps us build market-capturing, eco-friendly products. Our global presence provides us with valuable expertise to broadly understand customer needs and to proactively improve supply chain efficiencies that are always supported with global regulatory compliance.

What We Do

TSI is composed of three divisions working together with one goal—to create value for our brand partners and their customers. Within the Bio-Active Ingredients, Innovative Products, and Contract Manufacturing Services divisions, we have teams of researchers, scientists, regulatory specialists, and product development experts—each working in tandem to help create solutions for improving health.

Bio-Active Ingredients

The Bio-Active Ingredients Division (BAID), at its core, is focused on creating added customer value and improving consumer experience through the delivery of operationally efficient and effective ingredients. BAID is ​constantly looking for opportunities to add value in places where no one else thinks to look.

TSI Group

Innovative Products

The Innovative Products Division (IPD) is tasked with developing new chemical compounds and uncovering new applications for existing or known ingredients. IPD’s innovative ingredients are highly proprietary and unique, with market-leading science and proven consumer benefits.

TSI Group

Contract Manufacturing Services

Our Contract Manufacturing Services Division (CMSD) has an experienced, capable, and driven Research and Development team. We lead our own scientific studies and offer global market expertise, as well as distribution expertise in new and emerging markets.

TSI Group
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